Finding your Dream Apartment

Screenshot 2014-12-13 15.49.11At some point this fall we decided that we were ready to {and were excited to!} move in together. Yay! We both didn’t want to move during the holiday season, so we decided on February 1st.

What we didn’t realize at the time, was that if we wanted to move in February, we likely had to find a place in December. If you didn’t already know… December is THE holiday season. ;) It’s a tremendously hard time of year to accomplish pretty much anything. It’s also a hard time of year to find an apartment and/or rent an apartment…

Regardless of the holiday season, finding a new home is stressful. Especially when you’re looking for THE HOME. The home that you’re excited to come home to with a cozy living room, quiet bedroom and spacious kitchen. The home that will be filled top to bottom with laughter and love. The home that definitely has a dishwasher and ensuite laundry. ;)

Whether you’re on the search for your dream apartment or thinking about switching up your living situation, here are some tips to get your search kicked off on the most efficient note:

  1. Make a ‘housing wanted’ ad on Craigslist {see examples}. Let your landlord find YOU!
  2. Sign up for IFTTT. Let technology do your leg work. You will receive an email every time a Craigslist post meets your search criteria. You can also sync up Evernote to IFTTT if you prefer Evernote over email!
  3. Check out Padmapper every day {every other day will work if you’re less Type A}. It’s the one-stop shop for all ads, including Craigslist, Kijiji and others.
  4. Create a lists of ‘musts’ and then figure out where you’re willing to be flexible. Think about what you need vs. what you want.
  5. Spread the word that you’re on the search for a new home. Email your network and ask them to let you know if they hear of anything that meets what you’re looking for. Post on your social networks.
  6. Be speedy on your replies. If you find a place that piques your interest, respond right away. If it’s awesome, other people no doubt think it’s awesome too. Stay in constant contact with potential landlords and property managers; and book your viewing right away.
  7. Get ready to sign a tenancy agreement. Most landlords will require income verification letters {ask your employer for one ahead of time!}, post-dated cheques {old school I know} and a copy of your ID. Get all your ducks in a row, so that when you find the place, you are GOOD TO GO.

Lastly, be patient. You will get frustrated. You will get overwhelmed. You will throw your hands up in the air and say — “I don’t know what to do.”

It’ll work out. It always does. When you find your new home, you will know.

PS – We found ours this week! :)

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Every so often something comes across my feed and I think — WHOA. NOW THAT IS LEGIT.

This week it was @NikeWomen and a initiative/project/awe-inspiring adventure called #ProjectNorth.


I don’t know exactly what went down in the The Bugaboos, but I do know it looked AWESOME. I’ve been creeping #ProjectNorth photos on Instagram, but I imagine someone will be posting the tales of their once-in-a-lifetime adventure sometime soon.

PS – Vancouver’s Nike master is a rad chick named Keighty Gallagher. She offers Nike-esque classes through Tight Club Athletics and they’re known to be the TIGHTEST classes in town. Check out the ‘No Fun Run’ on Thursday nights!

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Roadtrip Gratitude

I’ve just spent the last couple of weeks on the road with my best friend. 17 days, 3300+ km, 2 countries, 3 states, 34 cities/towns, 23ish national/state parks, 9 nights in a tent, zero campfire bans {we think}, loads of sunshine and {thankfully only} 1 trip to Taco Bell.

We travelled down to the Redwoods in California, up the Oregon Coast and then ended our trip with a few days in Portland and Seattle.

One day soon I’ll write about it, but in the meantime, I’m very grateful for the following:

  • the loveliest mix of mountains & the ocean
  • rad Park Rangers, cool campsites and hot showers
  • swimming holes, our Explorer 200 {h/t to Laurel!} and Gatorade {100 degrees F = oh so hot}
  • forest adventures, tough hikes and mega old trees
  • every single state park on the Oregon Coast
  • quaint beachside towns like Yachats and Oceanside
  • the biggest stress of our day being: when should we go get firewood
  • campfire nachos {!!!}, boxed wine and sparklers
  • bike adventures, sweet bridges and beer flights
  • and, mostly ‘winning’ on the I-5 {Google Maps = total life saver}

I arrived home on Sunday feeling very blessed. From forests to beaches to chill cities, this was the perfect end to my soul-filled summer!

I’m feeling very lucky that I have a patient {so many pee stops}, loving & oh so fun partner in crime. 3 cheers for constant laughter, adventure and spending time with my best friend. Sap sap.

Road Trip 2014

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